Home Protection

Welcome to Appworx FilterNet

Protection for your home network

We are a New Zealand based company, founded to bring quality solutions to Kiwis.

Our FilterNet product has been developed specifically to protect your home from undesirable or illegal content.

You decide what you want to allow on your network from a centralised, point nd click portal.

What We Offer

physical Filternet Device
Secured browsing. Protect you and your family from illicit content.
Installation Service
We offer installation and help desk.
Call us about any issues - included in subscription.

Our People

Head of Sales, Marketing and Support
Diane is our Go To person. She identifies improvement and innovation, and drives our culture of 'customer first'.
Head of Technology
Rob brings a blend of technical capability and thought leadership that keeps us ahead of the pack.
Marketing and Social Media
Courtney looks after our Social Media presence, keeping our followers up to date withwhat is happening.
IOS Development
Patrik is our Apple app go to guy. He brings a flair for coding and a committment to quality.