We are a New Zealand based company, founded to bring quality solutions to your business. 
We help you to engage with your customers, build relationships and drive sales through our suite of products 

Our drive and passion is to see SMEs take advantage of premium products and services that we offer.  We've lived the life of a small business and understand the challenges of cash flow, paying enterprise rates for a minor service, contractual obligations breaking the bank and many other hidden costs, which have to be paid.  And quite frankly, there has to be a better way.  We have spent many years researching and developing products which add value, at a fraction of the cost!  Allowing you to concentrate on good customer service without the pressure of dealing with large outgoings.

  • If you have a desire to have your guests cast their content securely to your in-room TV using G3, give us a call or email us.
  • Use our uCast Personal Travel Pack to take your hub with you for use in your bach or campervan and cast to your TV.
  • Reach! your members or customers with our notifications app.  Connect and Reach!
  • If you would like a shop front for your products, we can help you with Appworx Shop.
  • Keep track of all your customers with our Appworx CRM product.