Travel Pack in the case including Chromecast (optional extra)
  • Travel Case
  • Travel Pack in the case including Chromecast (optional extra)
  • Travel Pack components including Chromecast (optional extra)

uCast Combo Pack (incl Chromecast) for the campervan, bach, hostel...

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Combo Pack comes with the Chromecast and a USBA to USBC Adapter.

Tired of the same old TV content wherever you go? 

uCast is the answer! A travel pack that gives you on the go casting and internet connectivity with your own personal network.

Setup once, then connect with our uCast app. Never have to reconfigure your travel Chromecast again! 

For our intrepid travellers for their campervans / RVs or caravans... connect uCast to your site WiFi / satellite / mobile data / wireless nation and connect your devices to uCast... now you don't have to reconfigure all your devices whenever you connect to a new WiFi provider!

Living in a dorm or hostel? Now you can take your Chromecast off the main network and stop the prank or mistaken casting of content to your TV screen.


Cast your content wherever you go. whether you are a RV owner, travelling around our beautiful country, or a holidaymaker / businessman staying in a hotel, motel, B&B or bach.  uCast is the answer to getting your content on the big screen.

The uCast travel pack is a convenient way to cast to any TV, using any WiFi network.  As long as there is a free HDMI port in the TV, you can cast your own content anywhere you visit!

Save money on data charges for cellular or satellite networks by only using them when they are absolutely necessary.  

In the box

uCast hub 5V power supply (5V2.1A) Travel Case
Short USB Cable for Chromecast Long USB Power Cable Ethernet Cable
Velcro ties (2) Chromecast

USBA to USBC Adapter

Travel Case

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